James B.

Great product...I have constant sinus pressure and this has helped me significantly.


Often, for no apparent reason my ears become blocked. I recently tried Pressureze® and to my amazement, it cleared my ears within seconds. Thank you Pressureze®!

Jodi S.

I am very happy with the results of this product . This has helped my sinus during airplane trips and seasonal allergies.I will order again!


For many years I suffered with bad nose bleeds and sinus infections, mainly due to the dry climate I live in. I started searching for preventative solutions and all I found were products with lots of 'ingredients', some of which caused other unwanted side-effects. And just by chance I stumbled upon Pressureze®, read the ingredients and decided to try it. I was sold! Since using Pressureze® over the past 3 years I've only had one minor nosebleed (because I ran out) and I haven't had a single sinus infection. It's also a must have when you fly.....I always keep a good supply on hand and use it daily.

Denise N.

This product was a great surprise. I have been an allergy sufferer for years and found that no product worked until I used Flonase. I am a huge advocate of Flonase because it was the only product that worked for me. I was introduced to Pressureze® as a natural nonsteroid product so i thought it worth trying. It really works and I find it can replace my old steroid product. Highly recommend this nasal mist.


Yearly sinus infections due to the sudden change from super humid to super dry suck. Virginia is nuts, but I'm not planning on leaving any time soon so I was looking for solutions. One thing I found is a humidifier, which helps, but it wasn't perfect. Then, I found Pressureze®. I'm a simple dude, I don't enjoy the fact that other companies were putting preservatives and weird stuff in their sprays. I want osmosis to happen, not some weird mutation in the cells of my sinus cavity. Anyway, I found Pressureze® and was immediately sold on it -- "Ingredients: Salt and Purified Water." Any time I feel a sinus infection coming on, or there is a sudden change in weather, I give myself a few sprays in the morning and at night and forget about it. It's also good if I get a sinus infection and need some relief or want to speed up the healing process. P.S: Thanks for the extra bottle Matthew ;)


I first saw this product while I was in the checkout line at a local health food store. I thought to myself, "Who has the audacity to sell a .5 oz bottle of saline nasal spray for $12.99? I have to buy it so I can know for sure if it's a total bust, or a total miracle. It has to be one or the other." Well, folks. It was the latter. The stuff is incredible. According to the ENT docs, I have perfectly healthy nasal passages, ear passages, the whole shebang. But my allergies would disagree. I often get clogged ears from my nose being stuffed up (which makes you crazy, anyone who has had clogged Eustachian tubes KNOWS it will drive you looney to have your ears clogged from the inside). Anyway, lets just say this stuff has changed my world. A few sprays, blow your nose 2-5 minutes later, and then again about 10 minutes after that - YOU WILL BE AMAZED. It just starts to clear EVERYTHING out. I recommend this stuff to everyone now. Because it's a friggin miracle. BUY SOME and you'll be way less grumpy, and your nose too

Pam F.

I have a deviated septum so this nasal spray is a great relief--allowing me to sleep through the night without congestion, and tackle intensive yoga classes without gasping for breath. And it's much easier and far less messy than a neti pot--with equal results if you follow the simple instructions.

Robin G.

I'm sure this would be good anywhere, but we use a neti pot at home, and this has been great for travel. It's light and easy to use, and it's a quick way to get all the dust and germs and gook out.

Evie L.

I have been suffering from vertigo for years. It seems to really bother me when the humidity is on the rise. I had been seeing a holistic chiropractor every week for months and just realized that when he used a hand held device on my sinuses, I would not get a typical vertigo spell that week. I immediately thought that maybe a nasal spray might help. I would only use an all natural spray. In my search, this particular brand indicated it would clear ear canals. In my vertigo diagnosis, it was noted that the calcium crystals get stuck in the semi-circular canal. I had nothing to lose. I bought my first bottle at the end of July and I constantly watch the weather forecast to see when the big air mass changes are due to occur. I am overjoyed at how well this is keeping my vertigo spells at bay and it has helped me tremendously in being able to lead a normal life where I am not stuck at home on the couch for days until the episodes pass. I can't thank this company enough for giving me my life back!

J. W

No one wants to talk about this topic, but, when your nose is stuffy and you can't breathe, relief is welcome. There are many of us who want a natural solution that WORKS, instead of some kind of drug or medication. Well, this product is great and, for me, it worked within just a few minutes and lasted about 4 hours. It's easy to follow the directions on the back of the package and I had relief from congestion very quickly. Highly recommended.

Robin L.

This spray is amazing! Allergy season is year-round in San Diego, but Pressureze® keeps my nose, sinuses and ears clear of congestion. It is very easy to use and works fast. I love that it does not have preservatives, which is very important to me, since my kids also use the spray. I also appreciate the one-way flow delivery system. The bottle has two valves which prevents mucus (and germs!) from entering the bottle. Other nasal sprays either contain chemical preservatives or do not have as healthy of a delivery system, so I am sticking with Pressureze®. It is a winner!! Best nasal spray in all the land. If you have funny eustachian tube blockage issues from altitude changes, allergies, or whatever, this will be a game changer for you. I recommend it to everyone who has frequent nasal issues or a cold.

Robin G.

Our family is pro-nasal irrigation to clear out germs and relieve sinus pressure from occasional colds. We use an old fashioned neti pot, but my youngest daughter (4 years old) won’t get near it. She never liked the feeling of water in her nose, or other sprays we’ve tried. To my surprise, she not only tried Pressureze®, but she liked it, and wanted to do it several times! We were able to clear her stuffy nose, and she is all smiles. I know she will sleep much better tonight with a clear nasal passage. Thank you so much for your excellent product.


While returning from my trip to Europe, I must have caught a virus on the airplane, as my throat became scratchy, and the next day my nose was completely congested, along with a sinus headache. Pressureze® was the only nasal product I had handy. I sprayed it two times in each nostril and couldn’t belief what happened. Literally, within seconds my nose was clear, and later, after spraying it two more times, it stayed clear throughout the night, into the next day. The sinus headache also went away within a day. I am so impressed how quickly this product works, and the best part is that it is all natural! I won’t use any other nasal decongestant anymore that contains xylometazoline or oxymetazoline. I already knew that Pressureze®® helps to clear ear canals when on an airplane and have been already using it for this purpose. Now I know first hand that Pressureze® also does an amazing job when you have a cold or any other sinus problems! Great Product!


It has really helped with my wife’s snoring. I almost never hear her now. Thank you and God Bless.


I bought Pressureze® for my husband because he snores all night long. Pressureze® is now my new best friend!


I have had allergy problems, as long as I can remember. I am so happy to find an all natural and preservative free product that works. Thank you Pressureze®!


I have a chronic inner ear problem which creates pressure and causes dizziness with weather changes or allergies. I have tried all kinds of nasal sprays and nothing provided relief. Since using Pressureze® not only have my symptoms improved, but I no longer wake up with a stuffy nose feeling like I can’t breathe. What a fantastic product. Thank you Pressureze®!


I often get a sore throat and head cold. This last time I felt a sore throat and head cold coming on, I used Pressureze® several times during the first 48 hours. The symptoms quickly went away, so I use it all the time now. Great product!


I use Pressure first thing in the morning to clear my sinuses. Pressureze® works better than the nasal spray my doctor gave me. I can finally breathe!


I use Pressureze® after surfing, as it removes all of the salt water stuck in my sinuses.


While in Afghanistan, I gave Pressureze® to some of my troops experiencing respiratory problems, due to the climate. Pressureze® worked as good as any drug we were given…and it’s all natural.