How often can I use Pressureze®?

Pressureze® can be used as often as needed. Pressureze® does not contain any chemicals, additives, or preservatives, only a gentle blend of ‘certified natural’ salts.

Is Pressureze® safe for my child?

Pressureze® is very gentle and safe. ‘Pressureze® for Kids’ is extra gentle for little noses.

How many sprays are in a Pressureze® bottle?

There are approximately 120 spray mists in every bottle of Pressureze® Nasal Mist.

Is Pressureze® free of drugs and chemicals?

Absolutely! Where some manufacturers are still using some form of a preservative in there nasal spray, there are NO drugs, alcohols, chemicals, or fillers in Pressureze®, only ‘certified natural’ salts and purified water…and Pressureze® is sterilized for added safety!

Will Pressureze® help my sinus congestion?

Pressureze® helps to clear both stuffy ear and sinus canals…at the same time!

Where can I buy Pressureze®?

Pressureze® is available in top health food stores throughout the west and growing nationally. Pressureze® is also available online.

What issues will this help me with?

Pressureze® is great for blocked ears as it helps to quickly clear both ear & sinus canals when you fly or scuba dive. Pressureze® is great for pollen, dust, pet dander, snoring, and much more!

Can I go through airport security with Pressureze®?

Absolutely! Remember, Pressureze® was created by a flight attendant. The Pressureze® bottle is compact and durable, and conveniently fits into purse or pocket, for all kinds of travel.