Dayna V.

What a terrific product! As a many year flight attendant, I use and recommend this all natural product all the time to people trying to keep their ears and sinuses clear. My son is a surfer and he and his friends also use it often! Thanks for such a great idea!


I highly recommend this product for frequent travelers like me. No more clogged ears or stuffy nose on the plane! Airlines should hand this product out to their flight crews!


Saved me on a trip to Colorado where the high altitude plugged my ears. Definitely recommend this product saved me on a trip to Colorado where the high altitude plugged my ears. Definitely recommend this product.


Less stingy than traditional nasal spray, Pressureze® helped my son fly without pain during two international flights. Used in conjunction with EarPlanes inserts, he had absolutely no issues and was able to remove the EarPlanes once we were aloft. He reinserted them prior to landing along with another dose of Pressureze®. Our allergist said nasal spray is the best solution to ear pressure issues, and this is the best spray we've tried. If you have a child or are an adult with similar problems with pressurization, you may want to take an oral decongestant as well, which we have done in the past. I would recommend Pressureze® highly.


While returning from my trip to Europe, I must have caught a virus on the airplane, as my throat became scratchy, and the next day my nose was completely congested, along with a sinus headache. Pressureze® was the only nasal product I had handy. I sprayed it two times in each nostril and couldn’t belief what happened. Literally, within seconds my nose was clear, and later, after spraying it two more times, it stayed clear throughout the night, into the next day. The sinus headache also went away within a day. I am so impressed how quickly this product works, and the best part is that it is all natural! I won’t use any other nasal decongestant anymore that contains xylometazoline or oxymetazoline. I already knew that Pressureze® helps to clear ear canals when on an airplane and have been already using it for this purpose. Now I know first hand that Pressureze® also does an amazing job when you have a cold or any other sinus problems! Great Product!


I use Pressureze® after surfing, as it removes all of the salt water stuck in my sinuses.

S.W. – United Airlines Pilot

As an airline pilot, I can’t afford to have sinus trouble. One time, my ears blocked up so badly, that we had to circle until I could clear them, before descending. Now, I always use Pressureze®!

D.V. – Flight Attendant

As a decade long flight attendant, I use and recommend your product all the time. It clears blocked ears fast, and washes away the airborne yuck on the planes. I really appreciate that nothing can be pulled back into the bottle. Thanks for a natural product that really works!

M.E. – Navy Seals

My job requires me to be under water most of the time. Too often, I have trouble with my ears. I started using Pressureze® and found that it really works….Fast!

Alexander L.

As an ENT specialist, I have recommended Pressureze® to my patients who have difficulty with clearing their ears while flying. I have received very positive feedback from them. They have been able to clear their ears and avoid the potential side effects of decongestant medications. There are virtually no side effects from the natural ingredients in Pressureze®. I plan to continue to recommend Pressureze® to my patients having problems with clearing their ears