Matthew LutinCREATOR & Founder

Years ago, while working as a flight attendant, I was facing termination, due to chronic ear and sinus trouble. Between constant blocked ears and sinusitis...I was a mess! If your ears become blocked during landing, you could risk bursting an eardrum, or even worse. So, out of self-need, I became proactive in searching for a solution to my problem. After many months of experimenting, I discovered the answer I had been searching for, and because it worked for me, I began giving it away on the airplane, to anyone in need. It worked so well, that passengers, pilots and flight attendants, were all continuously asking me for more. After years of encouragement from a NASA doc, family and friends, I later decided to resign from a successful career in mortgage banking and to share 'Pressureze® Nasal Mist’ with the world. Besides being all natural and preservative-free, Pressureze® is the first NON-GMO ‘VERIFIED' nasal spray. Pressureze® is so different, that I was awarded a U.S. patent.

What inspires me most, now, are the emails and testimonials from people I am so proud to have helped. (Some users include; Navy Seal Dive Training Centers, Hyperbaric Medical Centers, fire fighters, pro-sports athletes, a former three time Olympian, and Pressureze® is recommended by physicians and healthcare professionals.)